What my clients are saying

She was amazing! The hot stones were absolutely out of this world. It was pure heaven.


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Coral H 

All massages are available in either 60 minute, 75 minute or 90 minute duration's.  I usually include a scalp massage as it is the perfect way to end a treatment and allow the whole body to relax, especially after a deep tissue/therapeutic massage.

It is important to work on the surrounding tissues and on muscle groups that can be contributing to your areas of concern.  I do not recommend working one area for long periods of time.   This can overstimulate the muscles and cause them to go into protective mode,  triggering a muscle spasm or cramp.


What my valued clients are saying

Jen is one of the best therapists in the city!

Coral H.

Coral H 

What our customers are saying

I always feel so good after a massage with Jennifer.  All my tension just melts away.

Kelly R.

Coral H