Jennifer Kothke RMT

Jen graduated from massage training in 2004. Since then, she has continued her training with many different modalities. She is certified in Advanced Orthopedic Massage, Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone massage, Prenatal & postnatal massage, Reflexology (Hands Ears & Feet), Reiki (Level 2 Usui) & Essential Oil Detox massage. She also teaches Hot Stone Massage (with Therapeutic techniques) 3-4 times a year. 

Jen is versatile and accommodating when it comes to the client’s preference for light, medium or firm pressure. However, her philosophy is to follow a smooth flow with a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques. Using therapeutic (deeper tissue) techniques allow the muscles to release without the necessity of intense firm (and often uncomfortable) pressure.

Specializing in Prenatal massage, she offers expectant moms the comfort and safety of massage in a variety of positions. With the support of specifically designed body cushions and bolsters, mom can comfortably lie face down, on her back or in a side lying position. Expectant moms can relax and enjoy some self care and pampering before baby’s arrival.